The tenth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Periphery details the. Handbook: Major Periphery States is a sourcebook released electronically in. The Inner Sphere is the heart of the BattleTech universe. Centered around Terra, it stretches Factions in the Deep Periphery. Alfirk · JàrnFòlk · Nueva Castile.

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Most are usually on lease deals. You were a low-level champion, down on your luck and one bad fight away from the gutter, until Raju heard about you.

The Coordinator’s agents have made every effort to uncover even the slightest hint that the Avellar family has violated Outworlds neutrality, which evidence they could use as an excuse for an invasion. Of all the Periphery states, the Outworlds Alliance has the freest and openness society. Thus becoming a principal supplier of copper and iron ores to the Magistracy and the Taurian Concordat, receiving in turn agricultural and mining equipment to sustain its fragile existence.

The term typically denotes enlisted personnel roughly equivalent through the rank of Corporal in Inner Sphere military systems, and the soldiers wear a bright-green circle on each collar lapel to denote this rank.

The Alliance Charter created the framework for a streamlined representative government. As soon as the Inner Sphere realized the strength of the priphery they faced, the House Lords immediately diverted all their energy and available resources to dealing with this threat.

Miners, drifters, bartenders, and assorted ne’er-do-wells vie with one another to cash in on newfound wealth or at least live long enough to spend some of it. Though many areas peiphery it are underdeveloped industrially and well behind the technology curve compared with the Inner Sphere, it includes scattered regions that boast cultural batteltech technological advancement. Such is the skill level of these pilots battketech Aerospace training academies across the Pwriphery are willing to pay exorbitant salaries bwttletech Outworlders willing to work for them.

However, the newfound wealth and economic success came with a down side. Devoting himself the lifestyle of anit-way and denunciations of the warmongers of the InnerShpere. The chief of the officially nonexistent pirates is Adam Cirion, a descendant of Zachariah Cirion, founder of the Federation.

The Periphery (sourcebook)

The Circinian president merely looks the other way so that he will not have to acknowledge the crimes his government is constantly committing. The daring raids perpetrated against Davion mining and manufacturing operations in forced the House lord to choose between repairing and restarting those facilities, or reserving his nation’s assets for the war he planned to begin in Knowing that the Marian Legions would not be up to the full fighting strength he wanted until at the earliest, the Caesar embarked on a two-part strategy.


Using the fear of member states the alliance allowed Davion forces rights to occupation key alliance worlds under the guise of the Runification war. Gradually, the concept of maintaining a professional military arm became accepted in the Alliance.

During a tragic event the First Lord was killed, leaving the son of Richard to inherit the throne. Depending on a planet’s landmass and population, each planet supports between ten and twenty senators. Though nearly extinguished by the Draconis Combine in the First Succession War, the Federated Suns – a constitutional monarchy ruled by the renowned House Davion – has become arguably the most powerful of the five great Successor States.

The Imperator commanded the Hegemony military and preside over the Senate, where he would cast a tie-breaking vote as well as veto decisions he felt were not in the best interest of the state. Though immigrants to the Aurigan Reach, your family soon established a comfortable presence in a small, backwater system on the edge of Aurigan space. Leaving most forward units as mostly vehicles and infantry.

Fromthe government has established contact the Magistracy of Canopusthe Taurian Concordat and the Illyrian Palatinate. You were the oldest child, heir to the family’s titles and ancestral BattleMech, an old Blackjack BJ In return, the Alliance agreed to the construction of HPG facilities on several worlds and granted the Com Guards use of massive expanses of land as training grounds.

Field Manual: Periphery – BattleTechWiki

After agreeing to the plan Major Able approached the Professor with the contract. The government of the Outworlds Alliance can be described as democracy at its best, though few individuals take all the responsibility that they might for conduct of the state. Cordial relations with its nearest neighbors has battletehc the Outworlds Alliance to resume trading for much-needed resources.

Located in and around the resource-rich Hyades Cluster, the Taurian Concordat is a relatively peaceful and industrial nation encompassing at least sixty inhabited systems, founded in by settlers fleeing the Terran Hegemony. Founded as a constitutional monarchy under the leadership of House Calderon, the Taurian Concordat is the strongest military power of the Rimward Periphery.

This notwithstanding, the average Alliance citizen is battlegech marginally literate and prone to a number of superstitions. The Magistracy of Canopus is an interstellar nation in the fictional setting of BattleTech.

Character creation

In marked contract to the Successor States, ComStar took a genuine, vigorous, and lasting interest in the Outworlds Alliance. The Truce of Tukayyid heralded a return of the bandits to the Periphery, and renewed hope in the Outworlds Alliance for economic recovery.


Only the most unreasonable factions refused to admit that the Alliance’s deep-seated, long-standing economic woes could be more accurately blamed on the realm’s founders than its current administration. Though many of these craft are the salvaged remnants of previous conflicts, some 40 percent are less than two generations old. Many within the Aces went with the Major since he agreed to pay them form his own pocket until the Collection was able to support perpihery Mercenary force with its own contract.

During the Reunification War, Star League forces leveled 90 percent of this state’s industrial concerns, and what remained intact was heavily damaged. Upon finding out it was you he had rescued, he brought you into the House Arano Royal Guard.

Handbook: Major Periphery States – BattleTechWiki

Due to its untapped resources and strategic location would give either party the ability to strike deep within the territory of the other. Since the beginning of the 31st century, the situation in the Outworlds Alliance has become particularly grim. Because the average Alliance farmer or shepherd lacks even rudimentary education, he often views with sincere alarm anything that smacks of ComStar.

Some pirates have become legends, feared and reviled and sometimes romanticized across known space: The typical Lothian citizen is a rugged individualist who wants little to do with the universe at large.

As noted previously, ComStar enjoys a particularly strong relationship with the Outworlds Alliance.

They have been launching many attacks on the Rim Collection. Raju happened to be on patrol nearby, and he launched a daring rescue. The site of an astronomical mission for the Star League. Although no one has yet seriously challenged the right of House Avellar to rule the Outworlds, armed rebellion is likely if the deteriorating situation does not reverse itself.

True to his word, President Mitchell Avellar returned to his people two months later with a series of governmental initiatives and trade packages known as the Long Road Program.

Only patricians may vote or hold political office, attain high military rank, or own real estate. There can be no question that the culture and political ideals of the Outworlds Alliance are more compatible with those of the Federated Suns than with the Draconis Combine.