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So I cut off most of what I could reach.

Now to just remember to keep the peat moss moist all week. Using the areator should cut them off. Allow these pieces to dryWhen dry, fit the posts to the building mold. The first thing I did was clean the trash screens on the pond pums.

Less Recent Projects

The left-handednes and right-handedness come from the slot which support the smaller rod for the sheer which we do not use. I washed both boxex and gave him a new one. I use the disposable kind several times. Break the piece off. Sand selected slabs lightly with 80 grit on the belt sander. I made a trellis thing for the deck for dried grape vine to weave around.

Four meetings and some spreadsheet work. I have been to downtown Greenville more this month than in 10 years except for church.


I tried to show him how to clean off the top side calxnote the trunk to get room to work. The only project on the bench is a cutting board. I will do some C lessons. Even though the radiator looked full, it was full of air. One of the cats Adah knocked over a splay-legged pedestal table that contained sewing thread in two dreawers.

Built a cart to hold boxes of photographs.

Tomorrow is a work day even though it is the MLK holiday. I can imagine some enhancments.

Less Recent Projects – Jamcleat

After I trimmed the branches back 2 weeks ago, it at least seems to be getting some light. If you get there early, before It is supported by a board with a hole in it clamped to the bench. A thin, wet coat is what you want. January — Mow mostly to pick up leaves. Check the blade height. Worked a bit on the Bateau.

[ceph-commit] branch wip-jd-testing updated. vgdfa4

They loaded up the wheel barrows and moved about 2 tons of brush and logs to the burn pile. The strips take overnight to dry.

The piece that was band sawed out of the hollow needs to be a bit smaller. Last night the windows were shut for the first time since about March. The original is oak but the new one is just a 4 foot — 1 inch by 8 inch select pine board. Thomas filled it and bled the air out.


Emacs Online Documentation

I will blame it on the drought and the winter. I made two because it does not take much longer than making one. And later than noon, find room to stuff a post-it note into the autktools can be a problem on the paper side. The closet was laid as one piece but we will defer that part.

We had absorbed a couple of divisions before but this was the first departure. Mostly just hauling stuff to the pile in the woods.

Did the usual clacnote. Taper and glue the next bow plank. I keep them clean in a Altoids tin.

It was really thick and nice. Continued sanding the interior of the boat.