Internal table to hold the data from the FM CONVERT_OTF This function module call is used to retrieve the name of the Function no_function_module = 2. rekha || 28 Oct am || 2. Smart form OTF to PDF These 2 are needed for function ‘CONVERT_OTF_2_PDF’ . CALL FUNCTION ‘CONVERT_OTF’. **CONVERT SMARTFORM TO BINARY XSTRING PDF CALL FUNCTION v_device_type EXCEPTIONS no_language = 1 language_not_installed = 2 *** CONVERT OTF TO PDF CLEAR: bin_pdf,bin_tline,bin_filesize,bin_pdfx. CALL.

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The second text element is the label of the file folder selection input textbox.

First text element is the title of the selection frame. If Adobe form contain 7 Line Item, each page should contain only 5 line item.


Nanat Great things come in small packages. When the ABAP application is started, the following screen is displayed. Also see the additional documentation here. With this function module you delete logs in the database according to specified selection conditions. Returns a number indicating what day of the week the date falls on.

Table is ready to print out. Check whether the user is authorized to execute the specified command on the target host system with the specified arguments. I chosed the text “Download Smartforms to Folder” as the title of the selection frame block. The value of SY-REPID will change as it is being passed to the function module, and will no longer hold the value of the calling report. F4 help that returns the values selected in an internal table.


By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Set the parameters as follows: The function module returns the size of downloaded file.

Post # E-mail with PDF Attachment – Easy Abap For Beginners

Returns a list of all tables, select options, texts, etc for a program. Form attributes Here you need to provide the description for the smart form. The selection screen is displayed as an output. Convertotf to see if a date is in a valid format for SAP.

With this function module you write all data for the specified object or sub-object in local memory to acll database. Allows you to run a program without having the source code in the target system. If you understand these four steps, you need not look the search engine in future for such developments.

Create a dialog box in which you make a question whether the user wishes to perform a processing step with a particular object. If the server name is left blank, it reads a directory from local presentation server, otherwise it reads the directory of the remote server.

Download Smartform Output as PDF File – SAPHub

Within an output area, we can use static or dynamic tables to display data or texts in lines, columns, czll cells. The below link should help you. Send a document as part of an email.


Show a list of possible values for F4 popup help on selection screens. On the user Interface, specify the name, object and Id of the bitmap image to be convertt_otf on the Smart form.

You pass it data, and column headers, and it provides a table control with the ability to manipulate the data, and send it to Word or Excel. With this function module, you write the name of the log parameters and the associated values for the specified object or sub-object in local memory.

With this function module, you write the name of the log parameters and the associated values for the cal object or sub-object in local memory.

It automatically triggers the page break. Very handy when programming your very own F4 help for a field. SAP list of function modules se Dear Laxmi — Thank you very much for your message. Then you call this Smart form. It also uses a local PC working directory to save the file that’s what the ‘W’ value for data path flag does.