ZA3N Control Panel, 1. TOPEV Radio Remote (,92MHz), 2. TOP-AN Antenna, 1. AF43S Frequency Card (,92MHz), 1. Complete kit for a pair of swing gates of up to m / 7’2″ each leaf, V A.C. motors. A V Motor, 2. ZA3N Control Panel, 1. AF43S. Find great deals for Came ZA3N Painting Command Gates Swing vac ATI FERNI KRONO Fast Frog. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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V Max traction force: Release device with lever key.

Quadro Comando Multifunzioni Per Motoriduttori Frog a 230 V AC Came ZA3N

Create your own flipbook. GardPassage clearance up to 6. Accessories Foundation box in steel with cataphoresis coating, complete with release-hooking lever, gate-securing bracket and screw for adjusting the opening end point. The G – G items can never be used together.

It is mandatory to 002zq3n the G fixed support when the passage clearance wider than 3 m. Accessories White painted aluminium rack composed of: The mounting procedures are easy and quick.


Foundation box Right-hand foundation box in steel with cataphoresis coating, complete with release- hooking lever, gate-securing bracket and mechanical stop. FrogGate-leaves up to 3.

Courtesy lighting is LED technology based to ensure high performance, service life and energy savings.

Series Model Max width of passage clearance m Gard G 2. Gard 4Passage clearance up to 3.

Amico-P Kit | CAME UK

Accessories Integrated dome-shaped flashing light. Accessories Cord release and transmission device to apply to 002zz3n door-handle. Gard 4 and Gard 8 barriers are fitted to take the dome-shaped flashing light used to signal the boom movementand therefore guaranteeing safety during the passage tousers. Those in bold-type are important when selecting camf operator to fit and should be considered from the start.

It is mandatory to use the G fixed support when the passage clearance wider than 7 m.

CAME vseobecny katalog It is made up of horizontal, hinged panels. Dimensions mm Min. Connection cable for luminous cord.

Fast40Gate-leaves up to 2. White painted aluminium boom with round section, complete with profile for covering the slot.


Barriers with 24 V DC gearmotor and on-board control panelGE Barrier with encoder in galvanised and painted steel. Electric lock with single cylinder.

Control panel for V AC gearmotorsZM3EP Multifunction control panel for two-leaf swing gates featuring graphic display for function programming and signalling and self-diagnosis safety devices. Accessory Cylinder lock with DIN key. Gard 8Passage clearance up to 7.

CAME Gate Automation | FROG-S | CAME Trade Centres

Read the Text Version. Fitted to take accessories. Came suggests also fitting a flashing light to warn whenmechanical 002zx3n are moving. Your selection guideOperatorsfor sectional and overhead garage doorsThe table summarises the series and models with maximum limits to use based only on door surface or traction force.

The double-gearmotor option is used in case of insulated door or a door with apedestrian access.

Electric lock with double cylinder.