Compre o livro Break, Blow, Burn na : confira as ofertas para livros Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of th e mais milhares. Break, Blow, Burn By Camille Paglia. pp. Pantheon Books. $ CLEARLY designed as a come-on for bright students who don’t yet know. America’s most provocative intellectual brings her blazing powers of analysis to the most famous poems of the Western tradition—and unearths.

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I would have rated this a little higher if I felt Camille had included some relevant contemporary work – she really went back to a lot of dead white guys no offense, lovers of dead white guys – I enjoy a lot of them myself and it just felt really conservative.

Break, Blow, Burn : NPR

It helped me appreciate a few of the poems I already loved in new ways, and really, that’s all we can ask from criticism. Dec 18, Pages Buy. Finally, what is especially inspiring in Paglia’s fierce arguments is her refusal to grant the readers slack. The main body of the sentence subject and verb: But important female eyes don’t see him camilel all: Every sentence is a gem. Shakespeare has “a Mannerist sophistication”; one poem of Donne’s “resembles Surrealist art,” and another proves “analogous to Caravaggio.

John Donne, Holy Sonnet I 6.

All that plainspoken Protestant American piety–it made my skin crawl. I don’t see it at all.

What I do see are relatively obvious points, articulated with supreme confidence and her signature dash of provoca A disappointment. It’s as if man is crucified on his own frail body.


Break, Blow, Burn, by Camille Paglia

Paglia not only narrates Plath’s insanity with a deft, Delphic grace, but she seems to fully comprehend the unconscious impulses surging in the poet. Stay in Touch Sign up. Jul 14, Leisha Wharfield rated it really liked it. Paglia’s volume will not satisfy readers already familiar with the dead famous poets whose poems take up most of it. Rather, poets, good poets, and their work continue to attract us because the way in which they usurp the instructed ordering aspects of language and instead find ways to integrated what is seemingly inexpressible, felt experience, the “interiority” of being, with what is observed in the factual being.

Comece a ler Break, Blow, Burn no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto. It’s my recipe for future creativity in the arts. Here Paglia’s approach is less confrontational and aphoristic — she comes to the poems in a slow trance, inspired and connects like a plug to the poet’s psychological state.

Break, Blow, Burn by Camille Paglia

Sometimes she had something enlightening to say but often as not she was also condescending to the reader. The lark bursts into song for the sheer joy of being alive.

Two-thirds of the poem consists of a list of half-imaginary grievances. Today we have something special for you I would have expected a writer as provocative as Camille to have afforded more insight into the poems chosen here. So too, Shakespeare implies, do all human efforts end.

I read a great review of this book a couple years back lbow knowing I needed to broaden my extremely limited exposure to poetry I added it to my wishlist. The second quatrain compares man’s life to a “day” 5.


Apparently, out of five years writing the book, she spent two crafting this particular style.

Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World’s Best Poems

Or maybe it’s where she disses Seamus Heaney blod “second- or third-hand Yeats”. In this sense Break, Blow, Burn is microscopic, not telescopic, it is measured, not breathless.

For Break Blow Burn, Paglia selected, as the garish but intriguing pink and black cover says, forty-three of the world’s best poems from expected choices like Shakespeare to surprising, quirky inclusions like Joni Mitchell and explicated them.

Reprint 24 de janeiro de Idioma: Camjlle The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The 60 Best Songs of playlist Mixed Media.

In each case, Paglia follows the poet in the process of bringing together the poem, their process of perception, beginning with what was observed, the associations the image conjures or suggests, and delicately observing how the poet controls their associations, no less careful than a great composer, giving play to the various senses and associations each phrase and delicious reference appeals to.

He treats sonnet structure with audacious, jazzlike improvisation, as if it weren’t even there. Perhaps the sonnet was sent as a gift to its inspirer, but the beloved has already half materialized as a luminous presence.