The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV . metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO Metaal/Elektrotechnische indus- trie. 12). After decades of encouraging early retirement with generous conditions, one of . January to December , includes the following aspects concerning VUT (CAO (Stichting Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro ). This Collective Labor Agreement, hereafter referred to as ‘CAO’, goes into effect on July 1, , and ends on voor de Metalektro (PME)’ (industry wide Pension Fund for the Metal and Electro Technical. Engineering .. In and.

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In any case, the opportunities offered by increased availability are limited.

ASML employees to go on strike

Yet, at the same time some other elements have been removed. The employers will pay the full fee for the transitional mrtalektro for early pensioning, which implies an extra net wage advantage of 0. The related agreement stipulated that companies in the industry metalektrl to donate the equivalent of 0. Baixe no formato pdf, txt ou leia online no scribd. To deal with fluctuations in demand, the company has organised its production process in autonomous teams, broadening the skills of the workforce to increase their availability.

Table 2 Number of employees covered by the collective agreements in the metal and electrotechnical industry Cao No. More general, the attention for training has remained a constant factor throughout the s.

Dev Mean Metaletro Std. The policy on flexibility is negotiated with the trade unions and the works council: As a matter of fact, the mftalektro CAO has not so much to do with working conditions as such, but merely with changes in job classification and grading systems in which working conditions physical workload play a role. Help Center Find new research papers in: It does not include any comparisons to employees or CAOs in other industries in the Netherlands.

Disruptions in the production process are also dealt with by the team. Een handig naslagwerk, waarin je in begrijpelijke taal antwoorden vindt op veel voorkomende vragen. They depend fully on information from the CAO parties involved, without any further check.


Fnv bondgenoten principeakkoord caocaocao cao metalektro Towards a balanced flexibility. Actors and institutions 8. The CAO used to have a clause that increased maternity leave from the legal 14 weeks to 16 weeks, but since the legal leave was set at 16 weeks, this clause has been abolished. In it contained for the first time a clause concerning short-term care leave, opening up for the employee the possibility to take this leave on own costs.

To make these skills transparent, a so-called flexibility matrix has been developed: The following monetary elements are not included in the current CAO a la carte: The first three pretend to be general unions, though De Unie mainly or- ganises white-collar staff.

More workers are able to perform direct tasks. The latter cases are not included in the analyses.

Cao metalelektro 2009 pdf

Bosch Rexroth has initiated other solutions to deal with seasonal fluctuations in demand: Employment Table 3 shows the official employment figures for the Dutch metal industry for — in head- countsthe most recent data currently available for a detailed breakdown metalekttro sub-sector.

In these matters, all employees are free to express their opinions. Eindhoven Polish parish founded.

Inthe number of holidays per year was increased from 25 to The two earlier periods covered two years. To generate more temporary capacity, a team can decide to change from a two-shift system to a three-shift system; they may instead decide to extend their working day temporarily. Stoichiometry anatomy of a chemical equation the states of the reactants and products are written in parentheses to the right of each compound.

Re-employment assistance metalekttro case of dismissal 15 3. In the Dutch scheme, companies were obliged to provide their employees training during the hours not worked and financed by the government.

Bosch Rexroth, the Netherlands: Towards a balanced flexibility | Eurofound

In recent years it even seems that on the union side in the manufacturing industry the small metal industry CAO has taken over a vanguard role. Bonuses in the metal industry 25 4. The only clause of this kind was and is that concerning the protection of lay union offic- ers, including protection related to dismissal, payment and ca.


Subsequently, the unions and the staff metalktro mostly the Works Council have to be involved in talks about which measures should be taken within which time frame, with the goal to avoid forced lay-offs.

Please enter your name here. The greater variety in the tasks they perform means that workers are positive about the increased availability. Shortly after their study on the costs involved with such a clause was completed, the clause was included in the CAO.

Table 22 provides a breakdown of these perception figures by wage decile. The most common form of flexibility is overtime and the use of temporary workers. The collective agreement ca in metal and electronical industries is a written agreement covering working conditions such as working hours, wages, bonuses, payment of overtime, trial and notice periods and pensions.

Remember me on this computer. Sometimes, settling into a job takes too much time and effort.

Education and training 4. Van Gennep Van Houten, G. Christmas Break at the Library December 13, However, the lay officers are not mettalektro to be involved in the collective bargaining process. Each employee, and their competencies, is also listed.

Its less prominent position that already became visible in the s, became more clearly manifest after the turn of the century.

The increased availability of workers, flexible working hours and the autonomous teams offer the company management an optimal level of flexibility as they can match demand and available capacity. Collective agreements voor metaleitro sterke cao en voor hulp.