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It is a fact though that also all opaque elements are to some extent reflectors. Cable max height anti-dazzle screen coloured filter.

Axial intensity Light intensity emitted by any lighting device along its main axis. Reflector Optic element able to reflect light. Colour temperature It is the temperature of the black body producing a spectral emission with chromatic features similar to the source itself. Rods are considered not to play any role in the discrimination of colour stimuli.

Cable max height Castore sospensione Solid angle Solid angle subtended at the centre of a sphere by a cap with an area that is numeri- cally equal to the square of the radius. Light guide Transparent optical element transporting light by means of TIR effect, e. S Radiation Emission or transportation of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.

Beemdstraat 25 Ruisbroek, Belgium Tel. Infrared remote control included.

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Active cooling System composed of one or more radiators made of a conductive materials, plus a fan or another element conveying air on the radiator. Polycarbonate Plastic material with excellent properties of mechanical resistance, especially to bending. Uni EN artenide UNI standard that establishes the lighting technology parameters related to worksta- tions. The LED is an electronic device made by the union of two elements composed of semiconductor material typically silicon.


Through a transformer, the level of output tension and current, and therefore power, are modified. Cable max height Nur gloss mini: Spectrum Distribution of a radiometric magnitude radiance, radiation intensity, radiating fluxas a function of radiations frequency or wave length. It is an essential value in the International System; it is used to define how bright a specific point is at a certain angle. Photopic vision Vision that occurs when the eye adapts to luminance levels greater than candelas per square metre.

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K Kelvin The kelvin K is a unit of measurement of temperature that is one of the seven base units of the International System of Units. Candela per square metre m-2 SI unit of luminance. Cable max height Logico micro sospensione 3 in linea: Cable max height Infrared remote control included. Cool white White light with cold colour temperature 5,K Current Electrical charge flux usually negative passing through a surface during a time unit.

Cable max height 60 x 60 x 8 height. Cable max height Soffione 45 sospensione: Cable max LED. Milano Via Manzoni 12, Milano Tel. Cut of In a photometric solid, it is the angle or the angles in which a net distinction between light and dark can be perceived.

With a female head in profile to the left, wearing radiate stephane and sakkos, artenide alternate bands of red and black, details in added yellow and whit[ Each DMX cable can transmit up to 8-bit values between 0 andso that a cable can control up to separate devices. Cable max height D S O.


Lux lx SI unit of illuminance. Photometric values are obtained by radiometric valuess through integration of the radiometric spectrum, calculated on the photopic V curve lambda multiplied by Cable max height Logico mini sospensione: This standard also pre- scribes the maximum permissible luminance of a device for its use in places where there are video terminals. Optics Part of physics that studies the phenomena connected aremide the emission, propagation and detection of aftemide.

Tolomeo sospensione 2 bracci p. The black body produces electromag- netic radiation as a consequence of its temperature. Lumen SI unit of luminous flux. Elliptical reflector Ellipsoidal mirror rotational or not that, with a light source on the first focus, can replicate its image on the second focus if rotational ellipsoid cataloho on a specific area of the optical axis if non rotational ellipsoid.


Direct glare Glare produced by light sources in the visual field. Angle of inclination Angle of inclination calculated upward from the horizontal of a lighting fixture. Cable max height Logico sospensione 3 in linea: Mesopic vision Cataogo vision between photopic and scotopic vision.

Cable max height Logico nano track sospensione: It is used to define how bright a surface is at a certain angle. Asymmetric lens shield tube Accessory located arte,ide front of a projector, able to cut unrequired, dazzling light rays that can cause glare.

Connector Connecting element between two components of a system.