You can also get as deep into the details of networking as you like; see in particular the CFNetwork Programming Guide. Apple provides a generous amount of. Here, we’ll review some basic CFNetwork and socket programming concepts to help guide to low-level programming, Beej’s Guide to Network Programming. Conference Companion on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages andApplications (OOPSLA ’09) (pp. to CFNetwork programming guide.

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9. Using the CFNetwork and Cocoa APIs – Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide [Book]

If you set the retain and release parameters to NULLthen the system will expect you to keep the memory pointed to by the info pointer alive until the stream itself is destroyed.

A stream property is any information about the stream, such as its source or destination, that is not part of the actual data being read or written. However, if you need to use the proxy settings often for multiple streams, it becomes a bit more complicated.

Bill Phillips, Chris Stewart Length: Programmint release the stream reference by calling the function CFRelease. A Guide to Controlling Progranming Robots takes the reader on cfnetsork adventure through the eyes of Midamba, a lad who has been stranded on a desert island and must find a way to program robots to help him escape.

Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide by Stuart Cheshire, Daniel H Steinberg

To learn more about run loops in general, read Threading Programming Guide. By setting properties on FTP streams, you can adapt your stream for its prohramming application. For more information about the different properties available to FTP streams read Setting up the Streams. New in OS X v Unit Testing and Audio Playback Chapter In your callback function, check the event code and take appropriate action.


A Rpogramming object represents a single network service, such as a printer or a file server. The process would look like that in Listing The first parameter is 0 to specify the version number. It also describes how to read from a read stream, how to write to a write stream, how to prevent blocking when reading from or writing to a stream, and how to navigate a stream through a proxy pprogramming.

Using FTP read and write streams you can perform functions such as:. Additionally, the reader should be familiar OS X programming concepts including run loops.

A stream is a sequence of bytes transmitted serially over a communications path.

Using Fragment Arguments Chapter To understand the CFNetwork framework, you need to be familiar with the building blocks that compose it. Locations and Play Services Chapter How can we improve this document? Once the dynamic store reference has been added to the run loop, use it to preload the proxy dictionary the current proxy settings by calling SCDynamicStoreCopyProxies. Read and write streams provide an easy way to exchange data to and from a variety of media in a device-independent way.

The client context also allows you the option of setting the retainreleaseand copyDescription parameters to NULL. However, in certain rare circumstances, it can be useful to do so. As a result of adding the dynamic store reference to the run loop, each time the proxies are changed your callback function will be run. Listing creates a read stream for a file. There are two ways to apply firewall settings to a stream. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your code use alternate methods to prevent blocking.

More About Intents and Tasks Chapter To poll a stream, you first check to see if the streams are ready for reading or writing, then perform a read or write operation on the stream. Please try submitting your feedback later.


A sample callback function would look like the one in Listing Your First Android Application Chapter 2. You’ll notice in the sample code shown in Listing that if the number of bytes written is not the same as the total number of bytes to be written, the buffer is adjusted to accommodate this. Progarmming typos or links Fix incorrect information Add or update code samples Add or update illustrations Add information about Your input helps improve our developer documentation.

It allows you to connect to another socket either locally or over a network and send data to that socket.

Working with Streams

One major difference is that the function CFWriteStreamWrite does not guarantee to accept all cfnetworrk the bytes that you pass it.

This programminb discusses how to create, open, and check for errors on read and write streams. CFNetwork is a low-level, high-performance framework that gives you the ability to have detailed control over the protocol stack. CFNetwork uses the information stored in that object to process the request as efficiently as possible. Polling — For read streams, find out if there are bytes to read before reading from the stream.

Both of these classes are very high level and implement most of the details of the networking protocols by themselves. Background Services Chapter CFNetwork also contains a number of objects to help you use network protocols without having to implement the details yourself. With very little overhead, CFSocket provides almost all the functionality of BSD sockets, guixe it integrates the socket into a run loop. Documentation Archive Developer Search.