This user’s guide provides instructions on how to install the DSL-GT Wireless ADSL Router and use it to .. address. NAT address mapping can also be used to link two IP domains via a LAN-to-LAN connection. IEEE d compliant. Security Advisement (B01 BETA01) Upgrade Instructions; 12/07/16 Quick Install Guide () Upgrade Instructions; 07/01/15; Download; Release Notes. View and Download D-Link DSL-GT user manual online. Wireless ADSL Router. DSL-GT Wireless Router pdf manual download.

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Please check the D-Link support site for firmware updates at D-Link Technical support website of your country.

dsl-t604t If this is your first time setting up a wireless network device, read and consider the points listed below. The WAN settings can be referred to as the Public settings. When a wireless access point is present, it becomes a base station for the WLAN nodes in its broadcast range.

D-Link Technical Support

Got it, continue d-lknk print. Any changes made to these settings may adversely affect your wireless network. These devices are commonly referred to as microfilters or sometimes called inaccurately line splitters. The service provider assigns a global IP address from a pool of addresses available to the service provider. Leave this set at the default value 1 the first time the Router is set up. Your ISP must provide this information to you.

The levels available are: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Janual must first be disabled in the Wireless menu located in the Home directory. Buildings constructed using metal framing or doors can reduce effective range of the device.

Device Info The device info window, located under the Status tab will allow users to view information regarding the settings of the Router, both on the LAN side and WAN side of the connection. D-Link offices is provided at the back of this manual, together with a copy of the Registration Card.


Dlink DSL-G604T User Manual

This menu is also be used to enable and configure use of multiple SSIDs. If you are interested in more advanced information on how to use IP addressing on a LAN there are numerous resources freely available on the Internet.


Click the Specify an IP address option. Setting the Time Zone In Step 2, you must choose the time zone that best corresponds to the area you are living in by using the pull down menu. This window will dsl-g6604t the user in troubleshooting various problems that may occur with the functionality of the router.

Don’t show del-g604t this message again. Once the WAN connection is functioning properly you may continue to make changes to the Router configuration including the IP settings. Each step will be explained in detail. Outbound Filters are for dd-link who wish to deny clients on their LAN from accessing certain virtual ports or IP addresses on the Internet.

See your ISP for further information. This is considered your internal network.

To do this you will need to configure the IP settings on your computer. All cable connections to the Router are made at the rear panel. Type in IP settings as follows, IP address: This router can be configured for eight PVCs. Click Apply to set these firewall rules to the routers memory. If the SNR Margin is increased, bit error rate performance will improve, but the data rate will decrease.

Typically the IP address assigned has a long lease time, so it will likely be the same address each time the Router requests an IP address. When setting up the Router, you must make sure it has a valid IP address. The previous figure illustrates how the net and host portions of the IP address differ among the three classes.


Download Manual for the Dlink DSL-GT

You may want to follow our guide called How To Reset your Router. The user may choose Allow to allow packets to be forwarded to end nodes configured in the previous fields.

To disable the wireless interface: The splitter has three RJ ports used to connect to the wall jack, the Router and if desired, a telephone or telephone device. It looks like this:. Manuql Log window Select the Log Manua from the pull-down menu. Many users will be able to use the default settings.

D-Link DSL-G604T User Manual

What network operating system s does your organization use? The default Username is admin.

A file Download dialogue box will appear questioning the user where to save the files on your computer. Warranty And Registration D-Link offices is provided at the back of this manual, together with a copy of the Registration Card.

When deciding where to put the Router, the user must take into account the fact that it is connected to these two networks with three types of media. What network protocol s does your organization use? Introduction Kbps upstream, depending on local telephone line conditions. A new window of information will appear. Use standard telephone cable with standard RJ connectors. There are three choices: This will change the Statistics screen, as shown below.

You should try other Dlink passwords.