The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , Opel GME , GMW , BMW GS and DIN. The Holzapfel Group plates zinc iron according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , BMW G , GME , GMW , DIN Zinc-iron. specification DBL 17 which details that a 10 to 15 micron deposit should provide NSS. 9 protection of hours with no zinc and hours with no red.

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The function properties shall be checked when changing to Cr VI -free surfaces. Whereas for colored chromate coatings yellow, black, olive one can assume that they contain Cr VI compounds, this is not assured for transparent or blue chromate coatings.

More information about zinc-nickel? We offer various Cr VI -free post finishing treatments for zinc-nickel surfaces: The stated requirement dgl — transferred to the procedure of this DBL — are in many cases comparable and currently represent state-of-the-art technology.

The electrolytic plating process zinc-nickel stands out with very good 4851 protection and a high thermal resistance.

As ofit is therefore necessary for these types of systems to be delivered chromium VI -free in accordance with this DBL, without the functional properties of the components being impaired by it or altered in any way. We coat zinc-nickel black amongst others according to the following standards: In terms of conformity with the provisions of the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, the only decisive matter is whether the material or the component at the time of being put into service as an end product is free from Cr VI or not.



More information about zinc-iron? If necessary, an agreement concerning surface quality may have to be made. View our surface coatings.

Use of duplex coatings containing Cr VI and chromating process for transparent coating terminated. Zinc-nickel black blackcor Learn more. Our surfaces From anti-corrosion surfaces to innovative processes in minimised variations – learn more about our wide range of products View our surface coatings. Investigations shall be documented.

Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni)

Individually dyed anodised surfaces. Requirement values for chromium VI -free layers adapted to state-of-the-art technology. To the customer benefits. Parts that subsequently undergo electrophoretic dip coating cataphoretic dip coating, anodic dip coating shall not be sealed.

Zinc-nickel platings are normally used if the 88451 zinc-plating process is insufficient, due to high temperatures or aggressive environmental conditions.

Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) Plating: process and advantages

Due to the geometry, it may not be possible to apply the coating to all surfaces, e. Times generally achieved during testing as per DIN SS for base material corrosion are distinctly higher than the test times stipulated by this DBL of h. Dgl fleXXcorr Chrome for automotive applications Copper-nickel-chrome Solderable electroless nickel plating Sinter Surface Solutions Impregnating and plating locking disc.

Headquarters of the Holzapfel Group Phone.: Page 6 DBL Essential areas shall be designated on a drawing by means of a dot-and-dash line. In exceptional cases unavoidable bolts of property class May 3 3. Zinc-nickel flexible fleXXcor Zinc-iron black blackcor. Zinc-nickel transparent transcor Learn more. Black chrome Learn more.

A uniform appearance of the dbp shall also be provided in a passivated and, where applicable, sealed condition. For the event of several coaters involved, reference to requirement of identical properties of component surfaces?


Pure zinc coatings, and high-alloy zinc-alloy coatings ZnNi are used for metallic base coatings. The Cr VI -free versions refer to a new type of coating, which has not yet been checked for suitability in every individual case. The corrosion behavior of the inner areas of a tube following the laboratory corrosion tests is not assessed. Surfaces for parts, which are attached to body shells by means of welding, screw-connection or bonding and which together with the body run through the pre-treatment and painting process, are not parts of this DBL for the supply of materials.

From anti-corrosion surfaces to innovative processes in minimised variations – learn more about our wide range of products. Passivations are available in black or transparent form. Technical Special Nickel Plating Learn more.

Performance overview – a wide range from coatings to component cleaning – Holder Oberflächentechnik

The abbreviations used there, and the information on exceptions and on corrosion resistance are explained in Tables 5 and 6. For parts without a thread, the size of the component and its design, along with the technology available at the coater’s, will determine whether the coating process should be performed using the less expensive barrel plating method or by rack plating.

Subsequent sealing results in a further improvement of the corrosion 841. Use this form to get in touch with your contact person at Holzapfel! Bending of the components is recommended as an additional adhesion test, as far as practicable.