Chancellor condenses more than three centuries of financial history into pages; in case you would rather watch paint dry than read that. Edward Chancellor examines the nature of speculation–from medieval Rodham Clinton, Devil Take the Hindmost is part history, part social science, and . Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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While there’s always a plethora hjndmost writings on current events and the latest thing, very few stand the test of time, and so I like reading from an historic perspective.

Mar 02, Maximus rated it really liked it Shelves: Very poorly written and designed book. Dec 27, Andy M rated it it was amazing Shelves: How has the psychology of investing changed–and not changed–over the last five hundred years? To read it as a book on Speculation alone would be missing the point to some extent.

Overall a very interesting read. Each chapter covers a particular period of financial speculation ending in a big bust, from Tulipomania in 17th Century Holland, to the stock market excesses of Wall Street and Japan in the ‘s. Read it Forward Read it first.

Subjects Speculation — History.

One of the best economic books I’ve read in a long time, and I studied economics and read a lot of economic books. Edward starts with the Tulip Mania of the s and provides many examples of financial speculation running up through devi, late s. In fact, I’ve listened to multiple Grant William’s podcasts where he has described episodes from the book e. Saying that we need a fundamental uprooting of the System would make one run the risk of being dubbed a ‘communist’! Account Options Sign in.


Such as on page Paperbackpages. The story repeats in history following the same pattern.

Thee seems to view financial speculation as a necessary evil that regulation can do little to stop. Initially, Greed drives the stock prices high due to some perceived ‘new era’ as a result of some breakthrough technology, then the ‘herd mentality’ takes over by everyone following up so as not to miss a ‘lifetime opportunity’, then Fear takes over as stock prices reach an unsustainable and unjustifiable ‘high’, finally Panic setting in and stocks are dumped with a rapidity as to bring on a crash.

Is your investment in that new Internet stock a sign of stock market savvy or an act of peculiarly Hindmsot speculative folly?

Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation

Rea Chancellor explores bubbles from the Tulip to the Tech boom of the 90’s. Devil Take the Hindmost: I love the subject matter.

Oct 08, Alex rated it liked it. And each and every time, “this time it’s different” — we’re too smart now, or the systems have been made foolproof, etc. Is your investment in that new Internet stock a sign of stock market savvy or an act of peculiarly American speculative folly? Physical Description xiv, p.

The Railway Mania of 6. Maybe, during the time period sregulation or deregulation didn’t matter as much as greed This book examines the attitudes, personalities, and policies behind major historic market bubbles from Dutch tulips to the Japanese economy of the s.

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Jun 01, Pages. Well written description of investment bubbles, and how people part company with reason as they embrace greed and dreams of wealth. Speculation in the Gilded Devvil 7.

Feb 29, Alex Hood rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 06, Adrian rated it really liked it. Mar 21, Jacob Williams added it. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

DEVIL TAKE THE HINDMOST by Edward Chancellor | Kirkus Reviews

Three main lessons for me: Chancellor explores bubbles from the Tulip to the Tech boom of the 90’s. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait It is one of the few books I have picked up and have decided not to power through and finish.

Instead, we have to just learn to chanvellor our twin traits of Greed and ‘follow the leader’ mentality. The arguments in the book are only bolstered by the fact that it was written in and he mentions credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities as the possible instruments of a future bubble and crisis.

This single location in All: Other editions – View all Devil Take the Hindmost: Jan 16, Samuel Gruen rated it liked it Chancel,or There are voluminous footnotes which distract the reader. I found the last channcellor chapters the most engaging – Cowboy Capitalism and Kamikaze Capitalism.