“Eugene Ionesco.” Arte Latino. Web. 06 Mar. Gino Gianfranco Rincón Dondi. El Rinoceronte (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Eugene Ionesco ; ; Drama texts, plays, Literature: texts, Language & Literature, Books. Rhinoceros (French: Rhinocéros) is a play by Eugène Ionesco, written in The play was included in Martin Esslin’s study of post-war avant-garde drama.

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Eugène Ionesco- El rinoceronte by Gino Rincon on Prezi

Likewise, once a character repeats a platitudinous expression such as “It’s never too late! If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be ionesfo to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots.

The syllogism consists of a main proposition, a secondary one and a conclusion”.

Dudard leaves; he wants to experience the epidemic first-hand. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie.

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Daisy comes over with a basket of food. We could organize debates with professors and writers and lawyers, blue-stockings and artists and people and ordinary men in the street as well-it would be very interesting and instructive. At the office, sugene argument has broken out between the sensitive and logical Dudard and the violent, temperamental Botard; Who does not believe a rhinoceros could actually appear in France despite all the claims by eyewitnesses.

The logician gives the example of: The experience of the Occupation was a deeply psychologically disorienting one for the French as what was once familiar and safe become strange and threatening. Three weeks later, that rinlceronte would become a Nazi.


In interwar Romania, Jews played much the same role as Greeks and Armenians did in the Ottoman Empire and the ethnic Chinese minorities do in modern Malaysia and Indonesia, namely a commercially successful minority much resented for their success.

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This shock is merely a distant echo of what the French underwent in Ek soon turns into a rhino outside.

Ionesco created the character of Botard as a caricature of French Communist intellectuals who managed to ignore overwhelming evidence of Stalin’s terror and proclaimed the Soviet Union to be the “Worker’s Paradise, dismissing any evidence to the contrary as mere anti-Soviet propaganda. But when you’re involved yourself, when you suddenly find yourself up against brutal facts, you can’t help feeling directly concerned-the shock is too violent for you to stay detached.

This adaptation is written by Dr. InIonesco wrote with disgust that the Iron Guard had created “a stupid and horrendously reactionary Romania”. Daisy and Dudard iterate that acclimating oneself to the rhinos is the best solution, but Berenger resists.

After much dinoceronte he has a sip of brandy and goes back to bed.

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In the increasing antisemitic atmosphere of Romania in the interwar period, being even partly ethnically Jewish was enough to put Ionesco in danger. But there are people—honest and dinoceronte in their turn may suffer the unexpected onset of this disease, even the dear and close ones may suffer The British historian Ian Ousby wrote:.


Lines such as these show that Ionesco also created the character of Jean as a satire of the Iron Guard, which attacked all the humanist values of the modern West as “Jewish inventions” designed to destroy Romania, and claimed that there was a “natural law” in which “true” Romanians would discover their “primal energy” as the purest segment of the “Latin race” and assert their superiority over the “lower races”.

For the French people, the defeat of June came as a very profound shock, something that they could never imagine would actually happen. Just like religion-the opiate of the people!

Most Romanian Jews were descendants of Ashkenazi Jews who had moved to Romania in the 18th and 19th centuries from Poland. Despite seeing the rhinoceroses with his own eyes, Botard convinces himself that rhinoceritis is all a gigantic capitalist plot, dismissing rhinoceritis as an “infamous plot” and “propaganda”.

Or rather I was. Berenger laments Dudard’s demise, and Daisy reminds Berenger that they have no right to interfere in other’s lives.

We were fifteen people who used to get together, to find arguments, to discuss, to try to find arguments opposing theirs. Views Read Edit View history.