Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy is an ineffective cancer treatment devised by Emanuel Revici (–). Revici’s early work on experimental chemical- based. Emanuel Revici, M.D., until he passed away ran the Revici Life Science Center in NY, NY. Dr. Korin took over until he passed away. It is run for awhile by Dr. USPTO patent applications submitted by and patents granted to Emanuel Revici.

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Method of employing therapeutic composition comprising ammonium or substituted ammonium compounds for treatment of alcoholism US If you do go to any emanel these clinics for treatment, be sure to mention you heard about them through The Cancer Cure Foundation, and be sure to let us know about your experience, positive or negative.

Part 2 was in print in October The listing of a doctor dmanuel clinic here does not signify an endorsement by the Cancer Cure Foundation, unless we have indicated it. Web site by Sandy Hershelman Designs.

Emanuel Revici, MD: Among the Most Significant Physicians In History – Metabolic Healing

A method for treating or aiding in the treatment of a tobacco habit or addiction in a human by controlling the craving for tobacco or controlling tobacco withdrawal symptoms which comprises internally administering to said human an effective amount of a compound having an active ingredient containing at least one bivalent negative sulfur to control said craving or said withdrawal symptoms so as to reduce the desire for tobacco. Revici’s Parisian years ended in March At the Portuguese border, guards had detained and searched him and would have executed him on the spot had they discovered the film.


As a result of these studies, Revici proposed that a crucial distinction be made between pathological pain and what he termed “physiological pain” a distinction supported by many subsequent years of research. The compounds contain between 0. Pharmaceutical compositions for use in the present method are provided. Revici converted a modern hotel in the Mexican capital into a medical institute.

In Spallholz JE, et al. A dysaerobic patient has excess fatty acid activity and a decrease in sterol activity. Cohen Health Trends 8 East 96th St.

Any feedback you can offer may help others who are trying to decide which clinic to go to or which therapy to use. Administration of these compositions to a patient to increase the copper content of cells or tissue having a copper deficiency or to treat at least some of the symptoms of diseases or adverse effects caused by this copper deficiency. Revici repaid Merry, then the flow ceased permanently with the postwar Emaneul take-over of Romania.

Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy

A composition of nucleoproteic material produced according to this process. Revici remained embattled with the New York State health authorities for years and had his medical license was revoked in at the age of He also used urine testing such as the measurement of urinary surface tension, specific gravity and urine pH. George Dick, dean of the University of Chicago medical school, brought Revici to the US inpromising him research facilities.

Optimizing the Nasal Biome: Back to the Directories Page.

To ease pain in his cancer patients, he then turned to developing lipidic means to change pH, recognizing that interventions based on amino acids, ions, or proteins would not emznuel long enough for meaningful relief.

Pseudoscience Alternative cancer treatments Alternative medicine stubs.

Treatment of symptoms of neoplastic diseases. Method for eliminating or reducing the desire for smoking.


Emanuel Revici, M.D.: innovator in nontoxic cancer chemotherapy 1896-1997.

He earned his medical license in NY by examination in and maintained his dual career as a scientist and physician in New York City until his death. Keywords Click on any of these terms for more related articles.

Treatment of symptoms of neoplastic diseases without treating the diseases themselves. Dysaerobic metabolism is the emqnuel process of cellular degeneration. Because an anaerobic patient tends to have a decrease in cell membrane permeability, there is insufficient fatty acid activity and excess sterol activity. The information on this page is provided by The Cancer Cure Foundation based on information we have received from a variety of sources, including the clinic itself, feedback from people who have gone to the clinic, and in some cases from clinic tours.

Emanuel Revici – Welcome To Cancer Cure Foundation

The method was analyzed by a Clinical Appraisal Group consisting of a number of prominent physicians in the ekanuel Understanding the differences between the 2 metabolic states of anaerobic and dysaerobic can mean the difference between life and death, health and disease and fast recovery versus slow recovery. The invention also relates to the reaction products thus produced along with methods of administering these compositions to a subject to treat abnormal conditions caused mainly by a catabolic imbalance.

Method for counteracting the adverse effects of sodium chloride. Cancer patients in pain showed a wmanuel in their levels of discomfort.