In regards to seduction, fractionation can be described as a combination of “mind control,” body language, tone of voice, and hypnosis. There are two basic steps. Learn all there is to know about Fractionation Hypnosis tactics as If you’re interested in Fractionation Seduction techniques, then I gotta warn. Fractionation is the “grand daddy” of all Mind Control based seduction techniques, and is nothing to be messed with.

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This lack of rapport may drag on got the first two to three meetings. Fractionation means fracturing someone’s personality and identity. In fact, many of my clients use Fractionation scripts to rekindle old romances, or to get their ex girlfriends or wives back.

How do I order for your books? So, before you continue with the rest of this guide, watch this short video prepared by Fredo Hill, a long-standing devotee of the Shogun Method on how Mind Control techniques such as Fractionation can be used fractiontaion manipulate women in a positive way, and not to hurt them:. For a free online Masterclass on how to use Mind Control to dominate women, enter your email address below —. He seems distant and somewhat detached. This shit works, guys.

As the article above says, what matters is the principle under which this suggestion fractionation works. Is this as fracgionation as the Black Rose Sequence? See that she lightens up, and then hit her with a sad story to bring her back down again. May 6, at Finally, a full guide on fractionation. July 24, at 3: However, given the amount of details inside this guide, it can indeed be difficult to remember everything.


I finally did, but not before some insane damage was done to me. seducfion

August 1, at 1: Someone who does not manipulate your feelings in order to win you over. Then about a year ago a man at work started to use these techniques on me. If you need to, make something up! Instead try to strike up a normal conversation, tell a joke, or open with the cheesiest pickup line you can think of.

August 3, at 9: I hope seductjon can answer my question. We can and often do have multiple partner in life.

So basically the girl is loyal to you and she doesnt want to share you with other woman. Do you know what men have to go through? First, be honest and make friendly eye contact.

Fractionation Seduction Technique – Use At Your Own Risk

And to the guys who are reading this: Over Downloads since October 31, at 6: Um, last time I checked, we were living in a patriarchal system where being a straight man is considered the default. Comments Finally, a full guide on fractionation.

If anything, Fractionation works even better when it comes to ex-girlfriends or wives. And we all know how hard THAT is!!!! T o put it simply, Fractionation is a Mind Control hypnosis technique which puts a woman under your control and dominance.


Fractionation seduction – how does it work? Step-by-step guide to use it

Pickup Artists, eat your heart out”. Trust me, all the seductive technique any guy needs to win any woman is 1.

How long will it take me to master the Shogun Method and begin to see some results? But if you want to know how to win a woman over quickly, then this is the best technique to achieve seudction, bar none. Just keep plowing… fractionqtion her barriers will crumble down like dominoes.

In other words, you have been simply subjected to a suggestion. July 27, at 7: It was my four-year-old brother. Why wait to ruin my life. But the good news is that you can help yourself. Glad you found this guide useful! Fuck all the haters.

Fractionation seduction – how does it work? Step-by-step guide to use it

Should I use this trick immediately upon meeting her? But the truth is that the REAL world is far removed from what you have imagined. Always make the woman want more, and let her take the initiative to seduce you. L et me first tell you a story about this chance discovery made by my friend Dr J. So far, so good?