Chateaubriand was the giant of French literature in the early nineteenth century. Drawing on eighteenth-century English romanticists, on explorers in America. Atala & René [François-René de Chateaubriand, A. S. Kline] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Atala and René – François-René de. Atala / René has ratings and 58 reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ گرانقدر، پیش از این در ریویویی در موردِ داستانِ «رنه» برایتان نوشته بودم داس.

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I could be relieved of my vows! How touching is that Indian custom! At this unexpected show of renewed fortitude, the good father leapt for joy; he cried out: He arrived at the place where the Mission was located, but he could barely recognize it.

The Indian mother spoke to it, saying: If all is silence and rest in the savannah on the other bank of the river, here, on the contrary, all is movement and a murmur of sound: Atala realizing that these words might plunge us into tears, said: They celebrated funeral-games; foot-races; the ball-game; five-stones.

With the help of reverse currents, the canoes ascend the Mississippi, and enter the course of the Ohio. Striking the worn rocks, the water breaks in foaming eddies, which rise above the trees, like the smoke of a vast conflagration.

O the charm of religion! What dreams have not issued from this sad heart! O my mother, forgive your daughter. Views Read Edit View history.

François-René de Chateaubriand

They sang, they laughed with rrancois, and then they took to shedding tears, when they thought of my being burned to death. Nothing but a miracle, no doubt, and that miracle was achieved! I was carried by the fugitives to St. Do you think my mother will be content, and that God will pardon me for what I have done? A stream meandered noiselessly through the midst of these groves, which was called the Stream of Peace. She tore one of the veils from her breast, from which she first made a chateaubriahd, fastening it with a lock of her hair.

I could not settle in my homeland to which I returned, and where an illustrious queen did me the honour of wishing to see these trivial marks of my ministry.

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When we ree a river, we would cross on a raft or by swimming. Every night we lit a large fire, and chateaubirand built a shelter, of bark raised on four stakes. Yes, this moon that shines now on our heads, weary of illuminating the wilds of Kentucky; yes, this river that now bears our canoes, will suspend the flow of its waters before my tears for Atala cease their flow!

Atala – René – Alma Books

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. How strong the man who rrne in God! I was tied to the foot of a tree; a warrior watched me closely.

My father had a fine hut, and his deer drank the waters of a thousand torrents; but now I wander without a home. No, the black slave who waters with his sweat the burning sands of Florida is less chwteaubriand than Atala has been. All his sorrows seemed suspended, all his life gathered on his lips; they parted, and moved respectfully to meet the God hidden within the mystical bread. Ve reveals a miracle to your sight, that religion, since it enables me chatwaubriand leave you, without my dying in an agony of despair.

There was more courage in that religious heart, burdened by its seventy-six years than in all my youthful ardour. At that moment, the alligators, at the approach of sunset, began to grunt and bellow. Chactas, a little earth thrown on my body will set a whole world between us, and deliver you forever from the weight of my misfortunes.

Chactas realised that the grateful deer had led him to the grave of his host. O vanity of vanities!

I protested that I would return to the camp alone, if she refused to bind me to the tree again. He dug under the rock that once served as an altar, and found the remains of a man and a woman.

He had not the cold and unprepossessing manner of a man born without passions; it was evident that he had seen hard times, and the furrows on his brow revealed the true scars of passion, healed by the power and love of God and mankind.

Why did you speak thus! While I contemplated francoiss spectacle, with a pleasure mingled with terror, the Indian woman and her husband left me.

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Let her mouth cast upon it a voluptuous shade! Without the strength to cling to human reason, I had suddenly retreated into a species atla childhood; and far from being able to do anything to save myself from the evils that awaited me I almost needed help in sleeping and eating!


But when a breeze rises and animates these solitudes, swaying these floating islands, mingling these masses of white, azure, green, and pink, mixing all colours, merging together all murmurs; then such noises sound from the depths of the forests, such things present themselves to the eye, that I would try in vain to describe them to those who have not traversed these tracts of primitive nature. I was distressed, fearing frncois Atala had only a little time to spend on earth. The story is told from the point of view of the year-old hero, Chactas, whose ffrancois is preserved by an oral tradition among the Seminoles.

She led me into a large pine forest, and renewed her entreaties to persuade me to escape. My inexperience led me astray in the woods, and I was taken by a party of Muscogees and Seminoles, as Lopez had ce.

Four great rivers, having their sources in the same mountain chain, appeared on the charts as dividing ce immense regions: His influence on succeeding generations is unmistakeable. The Indian thought he was dreaming of a ghost among the ruins; he lay down again, franvois his eyes and invoking his Manitou.

In this city, newly built by the Spaniards, I risked being sent to the mines of Mexico, when an old Castilian, named Lopez, moved by my youth and my innocence, offered me sanctuary, and introduced me to his sister with whom he lived, as he lacked a wife.

Trust to my experience: The heart, O Chactas, is like those trees that only give their balm for the wounds of men when the axe has wounded them themselves.

I was atals of the tears I had forced him to shed. Has that sponge the right to say: The treasures of repentance are open to you: