Deadlands D20 is considered to be a poorly attempted conversion that .. I understand how free-form character creation works and I like it but I. No, we don’t have any plans to bundle Deadlands D20, Weird Wars, or our other great games. We’re doing (orders only). Visit our web site for free updates!. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please Note: This product requires the from Wizards of the Coast(r). Want to play Deadlands but prefer the D20 system?.

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Not that I will completely shun it though. Hey guys, I’m the DM for this Deadlands game. I totally agree with what you’re saying too. Basically all the same capabilities within all the classes save for the flavor text accompanying it. It’s kinda mix and match build your own hero kinda thing.

But to get back on topic, I can see how it’s an advantage to build your characters from the ground up It gives a lot of flexibility that class levels can’t match.

The Wild Die Podcast commented. It seems to work in a similar fashion to the heroes system. Contains Savage Worlds rules for the Deadlands setting and updates the in-game year to The Wild West setting. These aren’t ideas that really work in a western, even a pulpy one. Deadlands Reloaded is regarded highly but is cautioned as an oversimplification of the system akin to the 3.


Maps and information for setting adventures in the town of Gomorrah, California, a tie-in with the Deadlands: Not to get too off topic but I agree with the fighter dip remark. It gives the world a much stronger and diffrent feel. The posse find themselves on a train packed with Mad Scientists, travelling to Kansas Scientific Exposition, all competing for a contract with Hellstromme Industries.

List of Deadlands: The Weird West publications

If it’s not too 4th edition Core rulebook for gamemasters. The game was originally released using its own custom rules, and has since been published using the d20 systemGURPS and Savage Worlds rules. I’m gonna learn a little about the system and then ask my players what they would prefer. Deadlansd cast hexes using poker draws and got number of actions based on a die roll based off of your speed and then a drew playing cards to determine when in the round you actually took those actions.

Not sure what they are but what the hell. The three modules may be played as separate adventures or one after the other.

And there’s tons of Deadlands systems, I’m just working to find the best one. The only skills we shared were shooting, spellcasting and guts, and even then we had them at different levels.

Today’s Posts Member List Calendar. This is my understanding of what’s been posted so far. Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. I’ve been trying to find some good published adventures for the deadlands setting of Savage Worlds. That’s weird to hear from you seeing as how you love running extremely high power games.


Having played through almost the entirety of the published scenarios from the original system’s production run, I can say that there are some pretty epic storylines out there to use. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators.

List of Deadlands: The Weird West publications – Wikipedia

Core rulebook for players. Here’s a list of my free One Sheet adventures: Make sure to reference which version you’re drawing from too. I’m still curious what’s so bad about D20 though. That last post is in reference to the cookie cutter thing only. I think reloaded is going to work fine though. Some on them are rather vague and the book encourages the GM to come up with their own.

A Mad Scientist’s airship is stolen, along with a weapon of terrible power, and the posse must race against time to get it back. Hot Wheels and Eye of the Jaguar https: The game is built around big heroes and villains and the atmosphere of poker chips and playing cards.