Geoffroea decorticans is a spiny, deciduous shrub or small tree growing up to 12 metres tall with a dense, rounded canopy 8 metres wide. The bole can reach. Description and images of Geoffroea decorticans (ChaƱar), a native Chilean plant, provided by the supplier of native exotic Chilean seeds and organizer of plant. Geoffroea decorticans has two common names, Chanar and Chilean Palo Verde. Chilean Palo Verde possibly comes from the mottled green color of the trunks.

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The plant has many branches and many leavesand the tree have a rounded vecorticans in its upper part. Fructifica de noviembre a enero. Dicotyledonae Summary of Invasiveness In areas in its native range where G.

Geoffroea decorticans – Useful Tropical Plants

Edinburgh Journal of Botany 56 3: Desert Plants, 10 2: Ireland H; Pennington RT, Maderas y bosques argentinos. Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: Restaurant owner in Chilean Atacama declrticans who stores chanar fruits to put in a blender with milk to make a beverage for his customers.

Aires 9 1 Plantas silvestres chilenas de frutos comestibles por el hombre. It is locally known to alleviate sore throats and coughing. Along with this undulating decortifans, large flakes of the bark peel off or decorticate hence the species name decorticans. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. Crece en grupos y forma un bosque de gran densidad, casi impenetrable. Pollination ecology of Geoffroea decorticans Fabaceae in central Argentine dry forest. Chanar is found growing naturally from sea level to over 7, feet where it may grow as a shrub or to a tree nearly 30 feet tall.


Corteza amarillenta, se desprende longitudinalmente en fajas irregulares por debajo de las cuales aparece la nueva corteza verde.

Now containing plants. Tropical Plants Database, Geoffoea Fern. Forest Ecology and Management, 47 The unsaturated fatty acids linoleic and oleic acid are the predominant fatty acids. Journal of Arid Environments.

Geoffroea decorticans – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Burkart, ; Frioni et al. Chronica Botanica Company, Waltham, Mass. Don’t need the entire report? It is found in a number of semi-arid regions of Bolivia, Brazil, Patagonia and Argentina.

The subchaquenian vegetation of the province of Santa Fe Argentina. Gourliea spinosa Molina Skeels Lucuma spinosa Molina. Mean diameter increment of 21 forest species from semi-deciduous forest on limestone in CortTs Silvicultural Unit, Guanahacabibes Forest Enterprise, Pinar del Rfo province.

Aguirre H; Knudtsen OA, For ruminants, which can digest the haemagglutinins, the protein and sugar of both the seed and pericarp would be valuable. Funnel Shaped Petals Flower Season: The principal threats to biodiversity in regions such as arid northwestern Argentina are the cutting of all sizes of trees for charcoal for export without regard to sustainability. The flowers produce an excellent honey Demaio et al.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Geoffroea decorticans

Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page Geoffroea decorticans was originally decorticane the Latin name Gourliea decorticans by Gilles and Hooker as a new genus and species. As trees mature the trunks and branches take on a sculptural quality with long longitudinal, irregular ridges and valleys.

Penarc Creative Commons Attribution 3. Since the haemagglutinin would be destroyed by relatively brief heating as is common with other legume seeds the nutritional value of the seed protein would geofvroea be greatly increased after heating. Title Trees Caption Goats climb into the branches to eat the fruits.

Uso como medicina popular: Its companions conforming the forest are usually algarrobosquebrachosand the related and very abundant cavens.

Anatomia foliar de Geoffroea decorticans Hill.

The seeds and fruit, being edible, are valued as human and animal feed, and the yellow wood is suitable for carpentry and furniture making once dry. Not for devorticans casual reader. Usos de su forraje: Tiene fuste erguido cuando crece aislado, y arbustivo cuando crece en bosquecillos.