Here are two major works by the famed Polish novelist and dramatist Witold Gombrowicz. The first, Cosmos, a metaphysical thriller, revolves around an absurd. Milan Kundera called Witold Gombrowicz “one of the great novelists of our century.” His most famous novel, Cosmos, the recipient of the International Prize. Cosmos and Pornografia: Two Novels [Witold Gombrowicz, Eric Mosbacher, Alastair Hamilton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here are.

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It is after all only about the search for meaning? The tale itself is cerebral in nature, almost as if looking through the eyes of a man who spirals into madness. Retrieved from ” https: The After-Life We contemplate the vastness of the Cosmos: The two men, Witold and Fuks, looking for a retreat from their daily reality in Warsaw, come across a dead sparrow. And the result is that instead of separating threads gomgrowicz solving a particular crime, imposing rationality on seemingly irrational events, he winds up entangled in his own mental world.

They’ve come there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and have some peace and quiet, but it turns out to be anything but; not only do they find a macabre and mystifying corpse nearby, but the family they get to live with seems to have a lot of gobrowicz issues, which the two youngsters gombrowcz find themselves caught up in Nothing absolute will be solved.

Gombrowicz’s prose is admittedly an acquired taste, and Cosmos is as fine example of an avante-garde novel you’re likely to find yet another reason I recommend beginning with his earlier novels: Read reviews that mention gombrowicz narrator polish translation witold literary absurd simply borchardt obsessive sparrow woman. He used the same words, lists, phrasings, pairings, over and over, and over again to the point where it all became pointless.


Would anyone be able to shed some light as to why this gombroaicz was translated from the French and the German texts rather than from the original Polish gomrowicz

Grove Press; 1 edition November 15, Language: We supposedly understand intricate chains of cause-and-effect, we supposedly understand symbolism, we supposedly understand how context matters It’s clear he had read a textbook, remembered a term or two from it, watched how his professer used it, waited cosmoos his chance to parrot him.

Jose Barbosa rated it it was amazing Jan 22, If he really wrote this nonsense with any philosophy in mind, it must have taken quite an effort to not let slip – or maybe it takes quite an effort from me to avoid it?

Two Men Try To Make Sense Of The ‘Cosmos’ : NPR

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Togliamo pure i se: Mar 04, Shawn rated it it was ok. In Cosmos, the narrative gluts with repetitive associations, hinged around hanging dead animals and a convergence of women’s mouths in an enjoyably mystery that disappointingly never takes off. It remained perpetually on the sidelines and kept obtruding itself, though it was impossible to connect it with anything …What mattered was that something was advancing steadily in the foreground, assuming greater and greater importance and more insistently obtruding itself.

I am quite curious to re-read this by another translator, Danuta Borchardt.

Cosmos and Pornografia: Two Novels

Strange but not wondrously strange. In the woods next to the road they spot a strange sight, a dead sparrow hung from a branch with a bit of wire. Instead of Godzilla or the mad slasher moving ineluctably toward its victim, the villain of Cosmos is an image pattern.


At some point, the deviation becomes the norm; as Frank Zappa once said, “anything played wrong twice in a row is a new arrangement”. This need to develop and complete, because of a certain logic cosmoz in Form, plays an important part in my work. Of our quest for meaning? As you may gather, Cosmos is not your typical detective story. Handicapped by my preference for more conventional work, I had to work to read “Cosmos”.

One of gombrowciz main characters, Frederick, is a master manipulator that loves to involve others in his charades and fantasies. He didn’t win those prizes for no reason.

What a diabolical noose I had put around my neck. A comprehensive synopsis of Gombrowicz’s masterpiece.

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I had started smiling now and then, quite meaningfully and made sure he saw where I was in the book, of course sometimes and sometimes not. I had, however, never got around to having a go at Cosmos.

More about Witold Gombrowicz. Ho chiuso il libro e mi sono addormentata.

Naomi rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Giving 5 makes you a pretentious intellectual, giving 2 means you didn’t understand the book and you’re trying to rational some spoilers follow So here’s the thing: With a dead chicken, they could maybe start to find a pattern, and that line on the ceiling just so happens to point to a wall that has a stick dangling from a string, that has to mean something.

P ostmodern M ystery. And maybe that break has done me good, because I came to Cosmos reenergised, fired up for exactly this kind of book.