Hilary of Poitiers, (AD – AD) is one of the more obscure fathers as he gets very little mention from the other fathers of this period. Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus by Philip Schaff. NPNF The Life and Writings of St. Hilary of Poitiers. De Trinitate or On the Trinity. Hilary of Poitiers was Bishop of Poitiers and is a Doctor of the Church. He was sometimes .. Carl Beckwith, Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity: From De Fide to De Trinitate (New York and Oxford, ). This article incorporates text from a.

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He himself tells us of a quest for the truth which led him little by little to recognize God the Creator and the incarnate God who died to give us oof life.

One of his first steps was to secure the excommunicationby those of the Gallican hierarchy who still remained orthodox Christians, of Saturninus, the Arian Bishop of Arlesand of Ursacius of Singidunum and Valens of Mursatwo of his prominent supporters. However, pitiers supposed heretic gave satisfactory answers to all the questions proposed.

Tomasz Haupt is currently reading it Apr 26, Return to Book Page. Search my Subject Specializations: Thanks for telling us about the problem. I do agree that it is the correct view. Matthew Mark Luke John. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Hilary of Poitiers – Wikipedia

Rome “Patriarch of the West”: This is in order that we trijity not imagine that the throne and the footstool are an extension of a bodily form as in the position of one who is seated, since that which is His throne and footstool the omnipotent infinity itself grasps with its hand and once more embraces, but that in all these beginnings of created things God might be recognized as in them and outside of them, reaching beyond them and being found within them, that is, poured about everything and permeating everything, since what the palm and the hand trunity reveal the power of His external nature, and the throne and the footstool show that external things are subject to Him as hilsry One who is within, since He who is within rests upon the things that are without.

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It is, therefore, not a matter of words, but a real truth that the Son was not alone, but the Father abode in Him: For instance, it is true that where the unity of nature is proclaimed the agreement of will cannot be denied; but in order to set aside that unity which follows from the birth, they profess merely a relationship of mutual harmony.

The Christians of Poitiers so respected Hilary that about or[7] they unanimously elected him their bishop. Bibliographic Information Print publication date: Don’t have an account? Hilary explained in it his personal journey towards knowledge of God and took pains to show that not only in the New Testament but also in many Old Testament passages, in which Christ’s mystery already appears, Scripture clearly testifies to the divinity of the Son and his equality with the Father.

Hilary of Poitiers

By His birth the Son possesses the nature of the Father: Baptized in abouthe was elected Bishop of his native city hipary Jonathan Tomes or it as to-read May 09, On the Trinity by Hilary of Poitiers. Joel Argo marked it as to-read Dec 02, According to JeromeHilary died in Poitiers in Hilary’s symbol came to be three books and a quill pen.

When poitierss council ratified the decisions of Ariminum and Seleucia, Hilary responded with the bitter In Constantiumwhich attacked the Emperor Constantius as Antichrist and persecutor of orthodox Christians. Venantius Fortunatus wrote a vita of Hilary bybut few now consider it reliable.


John Lussier marked it as to-read Apr 25, I was never really in doubt that my understanding of the Trinity was orthodox, but I still wanted to know how the Fathers explained it. This is the first Latin commentary on Matthew to have survived in its entirety.

Hilary was an obvious resource. Those who love are not envious and the one who is the Father is so in his totality.

Ever adamant in opposing the radical Arians, St. For this very reason the way to Christ is open to all — because he has drawn all into his being as a man —even if personal conversion is always required: Among Hilary’s earliest writings, completed some time before his exile inis his Commentarius in Evangelium Matthaeian allegorical exegesis of the first Gospel.

In the years that followed, Hilary wrote his first work, Commentary on St.

Hilary’s commentary was strongly influenced by Tertullian and Cyprian, and made use of several classical writers, including Cicero, Quintilian, Pliny and the Roman historians. He saw in all the Psalms this transparency of the mystery of Christ and trnity his Body which is the Church.

L’Osservatore Romano is the newspaper of the Holy See.

Augustine of Hippo called him “the illustrious doctor of the churches”, and his works continued to be highly influential in later centuries. This name admits no compromise, as if God were father in some aspects and not in others” ibid.