I, Strahd has ratings and reviews. Edmund said: This book should be called, What if Dracula won and was a Total Badass! What I learned from t. Read I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire (Ravenloft #7) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire is a. To win the hand of the beautiful Tatyana, Strahd Von Zarovich, the ruthless leader of the darklords, will do anything, even enter a pact with Death that must be.

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The Memoirs of a Vampire (I, Strahd) by P N Elrod

It moves along quickly, more drama than neck-biting. Extremely derivative, but that would be expected tue anyone familiar with the Ravenloft series or setting.

They do not speak of their secrets. In this addition Strahd Von Zarovich has lead his men through the war and now they are on their way to claim his land and property.

The Memoirs of a Vampire

Return to Book Page. Jonathan Stuard They are pretty easy to get now. The novel is clumsily written, filled with poor word choices and laughable lines. This was an excellent read. James Lowder Narrated by: The only problem is that it felt a little slow at first, but I’m willing to say that was due to the perspective and I just needed time to adjust. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Sometimes you find that nostalgic read that takes you back to being a kid, and you smile from start to finish… this was not one of them.

At the risk of spoiling what happens, Strahd, using dark magic, turns into a vampire and just destroys these men that killed off the wedding party guests.

Most modern productions employ campiness or sound effects to try to bring back that gothic tension, but we’ve tried something different. I would never have possibly guessed that the word how could be asking someone to explain themselves!


You may start to think that what Strahd is saying isn’t what really is happening. All I can really say is you should definitely try to find a copy and read it. Gideon Kibblewhite reviewed I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire to and why? He was a cipher in the previous books in this series where he featured – a bad Hollywood Dracula – but here?

If you really want to be left alone, you should buy a castle and employ cut throat, Romanian Gypsy guards. I don’t know if the modern kids would like it though, since the Vampires don’t sparkle. In fact, if the wrong people gained knowledge of what he was capable of, assassins would appear in droves.

I found it rather interesting how in the Ravenloft series each book is written by a different author. Strahd is just a wonderful character. No sparkling in the sunshine, just the good stuff like bats, and wolfs. The Memoirs of a Vampire was re-released in and published by Wizards of the Coast. This is why we can’t have nice things. I enjoy the classic Bram Stoker-ish vampire over the the techno clubbing, Twilight, Lost Boys style vampires that are predominant in mainstream culture today.

If you’ve ever played Ravenloft or wish to do it, this is a great book for you. Which scene was your favorite? But before the ceremony to make him the lands ruler, his second in command, Alek Gwilym, learns of an assassination plot to take Strahd’s life under the orders of the assassin organization called Ba’al Verzi.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: I did start to like Sergei, as he seemed like the most lively character introduced. He visits the towns and villages of Barovia and begins the repairs to his new castle that he now calls Castle Ravenloft. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The narration is really on point, and I loved that. Being in the middle of the series, I was worried that it wouldn’t work as a stand alone, but it did for me at any rate.


Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman Narrated by: His character is basically the same throughout the whole book, no development. Oct 08, Tracey rated it really liked it Shelves: Elrod’s strong prose and excellent pacing are not diminished by being confined to the boundaries of a pre-established universe.

Brad Stoker’s Dracula unsurprisingly Which scene was your favorite? So what IS this? After you do get used to it, it becomes a fast paced and exciting read.

I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire Audiobook | P. N. Elrod |

Salvatore novel recounts the origins of Salvatore’s signature dark elf character, Drizzt Do’Urden. From the first few pages, the reader quickly gets into the heart of the Ravenloft world So Strahd fell in love with her because of…. I am not saying that his life after his change was not filled l loneliness and despair, just that I wish some of his extreme evil deeds had been addressed. I’d recommend it, it was an interesting book to listen too. It has that 90’s cheesy factor to it.

We are then plunged back to around yearinto his life after just fighting and winning a war and just before he becomes a vampire. Want to Read saving…. Everything clicked with this instalment – the narrative, the characterisations, the pacing, everything.

I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire

I was not aware until I was finished listening that he also narrates the Nicholas Flamel Series. He comes off as almost caring for the people of Barovia, but at the same mempirs comes across as almost cold and indifferent to them as well. The accents are enjoyable and you get some good swapping between characters with the voices the narrator tries.