This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. Intel® XDK is a cross-platform development environment for building and deploying Download Now: ▫ Learn More: Getting Started Tutorial.

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One of the most confusing and tough topics of mobile application development is executing code and accessing hardware components like Microphone, Blue Text can be programmatically copied into clipboard by just one line of code intel. It requires an IoT maker board and is not built inteel mobile web apps for phones and tablets.

Click the Continue button to start setting up your new project. This indicator is used to convey to user about something been down In the file tree, open the file that needs to be modified. That folder contains all source code of my app that i built using intel XDK.

App Preview infel on a test mobile device on which you want to run the result of this tutorial, such as a smartphone or tablet. Every phone has a native default contact application which maintains phone numbers, address, emails and names. Use the menu options or equivalent shortcut keys to perform common code editor functions.


Intel XDK Documentation – Getting Started Tutorial

dxk Intel XDK side animated side bar dose not scroll if the content is much. Crosswalk is an HTML5 application runtime based on a variety of open source projects. It is time to build your app! The simulator is actually a web app that runs inside a node WebKit.

Many times you would have seen a loading indicator in status bar while using a app. See the Test Tab and Debug Tab for more information. If you think modifications to your code are necessary, you can do it via the debugger window.

Intel XDK Documentation – Getting Started Tutorial – CodeProject

Use the Auto Zoom icon to zoom the device visual representation to the maximum size that fully fits in the window, and the slider to manually resize the device visual representation. I faced some titorial about installing node-opencv.

Xvk is convenient for testing how an app will look and function on an actual, physical mobile device. You can also mail the application from here. Use the simulator to quickly debug and test your app logic before you test and debug your app behavior on a real device.

It doesn’t matter if the device is plugged in or not. Choose the Samples and Demos option. After login, you will get the following screen. Now, set up the background colour by clicking the background and new.


A beep sound can be used to notify a user about a incoming chat message while the user is chatting with someone else. Sharing buttons are necessary if you want your app users to share so In this tutorial I will show you how to download files using Intel XDK and tutroial show the download progress.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

You can simulate several features of your app including motion, geolocation and compass. The following screen shows the Hello Cordova sample.

You can test your app via a test server in the cloud or via a local Wi-Fi network to which both your development machine and test mobile device are connected. It doesn’t matter what kind of app ttutorial are b Click the Hello Cordova demo image.

Markdown is turned off in code blocks: Templates – Use to build an app based on different types of app user interfaces.

Getting Started With Mobile Apps Tutorial

In the device window, start the simulator to run your XDKTutorial app. However, modifying code in the debugger window only tutroial future app behavior in the simulator. This tutorial does not cover web services.