lb. Photo may include optional equipment. DA C . Komatsu’s ergonomically designed control system “PCCS” creates an operating. 35 Results Buy KOMATSU DA-6, KOMATSU DA-6, KOMATSU D, KOMATSU D, KOMATSU D, KOMATSU.

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The variable giant ripper is ideal for digging through tough material. The electronically-controlled work equipment joystick allows to move both the blade and the ripper quicker and more accurately than ever koatsu. The Auto Downshift function, reverse slow mode or Track shoe slip control mode are all easily available and can be quickly cancelled.

Komatsu Europe introduces new DA-8 Dozer

The K-Bogie undercarriage komatwu increases the length of track on ground to improve machine stability and levelling performance. Its powerful and economical Komatsu engine integrates the latest emission control technologies and fuel-saving features.

Heavy duty steps lead up to an upgraded rear platform with large hand rails for safe access to rear maintenance points: Standard features can be activated by the operator for comfortable operations and high productivity. The optional power ladder can provide easier and safer access and egress to and from the cabin.


The DA-8 has an operating weight of The new equalizer bar shoulder pad makes it smoother to drive over obstacles, and the automatic climate control system and 12V outlet power source and auxiliary input jack further contribute to create a first class working environment for the operator. The DA-8 has a new tall and spacious cab with a high rigidity structure and new dampers for the mounts.

Gear shifting is simplified with push buttons. A large multi-lingual high resolution LCD monitor gives quick access to komatau auto-idle shutdown, the Operator Identification System, the auto ripper return and the auto blade tilt functions. Engine power is then sent directly to the transmission, increasing ground speed and machine efficiency, for less fuel consumption and faster cycle times.

A caution indication reminds the operator to engage the seat belt, and a new secondary engine shutdown switch is now located on the side of the machine. The new mono-blade linkage provides less blade sway movement and extends the maintenance intervals of blade joints.


A swing fan gives easy cleaning access to the front-side of the radiator core. Combined with the automatic or manual gearshift mode, this allows to select optimal machine operating conditions for the work at hand.

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Komatsu D375

For greater efficiency during long pushes, the torque converter lockup clutch can be automatically engaged. The layout for the steering console and work equipment lever was renewed, and the height of the steering console can be adjusted electronically.

It can display the working area behind the machine and features an energy-saving guide and a new trouble-shooter to help minimize down time.

Large glass windows provide outstanding visibility on both blade and ripper. A new reclining air-suspension seat further reduces vibrations for the operator: