CD Milan Lasica & Julius Satinský Soiree Price: EUR Scale: 0. Category: CDs – Slovak and Czech Evergreens, Theater, etc. Published by: OPUS Edition 0. Audiobook Soirée Authors: Milan Lasica, Július Satinský; Narrators: Milan Lasica, Július Satinský; Content: Just use the discount code LASICA in the basket. Number: Artist: Anonym Poster title: Lasica & Janovic & Satinsky – Soirée Year: ca Technique: FO Condition: B+ Size: 87 x 61 cm (34,39 x 24,

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We are only worried about Andy. As Lasica explained inthis style was speciic to their generation, 7 J.

Instead, their comic dialogues and songs parodied the way the communist discourse worked. Log In Sign Up.

We have collective property. But how is that possible? Remember me on this computer. But we saw one Austrian do it.

– CD Milan Lasica & Julius Satinsky Soiree

I am canning fruit. Are you also canning fruit? Challenges to Communist Rule, the sstinsky identify four types of resistance in communist countries: Similarly to Poland and Hungary, anti-communist resistance in Slovakia was mainly Catholic, since it had the largest base of adherents to draw from and since the Catholic Soifee was the target of perhaps the heaviest communist repression starting fromwhen monasteries were dissolved.


Are you happy where you are? Inevitably, there was sadness in it, but it was conveyed through humour, which for the generation brought up in the socialist era of pompous culture indicated freedom. Yes, I am canning fruit. Now that is something!

I am directing a new de- partment. It strengthens your human dignity. It restores this ambivalent wholeness Stratosphere, ionosphere, hemisphere…oh my god… He continues in Russian.

CD Milan Lasica & Julius Satinsky Soiree

It was their subtlety that managed to keep censorship at bay untiland the two smuggled their political allusions into their performances even during the years — when their cabaret shows were banned. On stage, the characters eatinsky not just laughter, but also pity: She walks down the street, looks into a shop window and sees a handbag. Nobody knows which part of collective property is his and which belongs to others.

As Milan Lasica reminisced soon ater the Velvet Revolution, I have counted lasca bans and banishments in thirty years.

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Wait…yesterday…aha, now I remember! And even if they were, you would not get it out of me. He falls of his chair. It was the common man, ater all, who had created the dehumanising totalitarian regime and held it in place.

I went to the cinema. But if they told me: And what were you doing? But instead a hill made of stones. Perhaps we held out for so long because we were persecuted.

Audiobook Soirée

In this sense, lxsica humour was less directed at the regime and more at the common man and was full of self-irony and self-criticism. Underneath however, is a Beckettian sense of disorientation and anxiety in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world.

Indeed, they always played these characters with a touch of afection. I was not canning. Essays on Post-Communist Literatures and Cultures, ed.