MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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It is found that the individualization which lifts an entity definitely from the animal kingdom into the human, can viisible place only from certain types of animals.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. They are distinctly more delicate and ethereal than any that have been previously described; yet at the same time they are far fuller, more brilliant, and more luminous. The process by which the colors are produced works always from below upward. The effect of such exertion is momentarily to raise the vibrations of his astral body, or more correctly to extend his faculty to somewhat higher vibrations; and so to bring within his purview more of the vehicle at which he is looking.

Man visible and invisible,, by C. W. Leadbeater | The Online Books Page

Thus also these separate manifestations of the One on different planes are rightly thought of as persons. If we glance with astral vision at our neighbour during his waking hours, we shall see him looking very much as usual, except that he will be surrounded by a leadbeaer luminous mist, in which by somewhat more intent observation, we may detect the play of many colors.

Many examples of such commingling, and of the resultant shades of color, will be seen as we continue our investigation; but our first endeavor must be to learn to read the meaning of the simpler hues. It is liable to be tinted by almost any of the qualities previously mentioned, so that we may have any shade from indigo on one side and rich deep violet on the other, down to a muddy grey-blue which is at the visiboe of fetish-worship.

How hopeless it seems to try to represent all this glory on paper!

The case selected for illustration is of course an extreme one, and such a condition does not usually last more than a few minutes. In this effort it naturally begins with the lowest matter, since its vibrations, though they are the largest and coarsest, are also the least powerful or penetrating, and therefore the easiest to control. Dealer rated it it was ok Mar 08, Very gradually he learns that there is a higher ihvisible and that the strong shell of selfishness which was necessary for the formation of a powerful centre becomes a hindrance to the growth of that centre after it has once been formed, and so must be broken up and thrown aside, just as scaffolding must be removed when the building is finished, though it was necessary during its erection.

Using our mental sight, it would be the mental body of our primitive friend that we should perceive, and it would invksible resemble that illustrated in Plate VI.

The highest represents leadbeager First Aspect leabeater the Invisilbe, and bears only a central dot, signifying the primary manifestation in our system. WE have endeavored to illustrate the immediate effect of some of the sudden emotions which affect the outer vehicles of man, and to explain that, quickly as they pass, they are not without permanent results to the soul within.


Suppose also that among men some possessed one of these types of sight and some another. This third wave of life is represented by the band on the right in Plate III, and it will be noticed that in this invisile the outpouring does not become darker or more materialized as it proceeds. We may first examine Plate XXI, which represents for us his causal body.

Plate V will give us some idea of its appearance at or soon after this stage, and it may be taken to represent the causal body of the primitive man. But now that which has hitherto been the ensouler becomes itself in turn the ensouled; from that monadic essence which was part of the animal group-soul is now formed the causal body – a splendid ovoid form of living light, into which the still more glorious light and life from above has descended, and by means of which that higher life is enabled to express itself as the human individuality.

The Third Outpouring XI. To ask other readers questions about Man, Visible and Invisibleplease sign up. The result is indescribably ghastly, and it is impossible to convey an adequate idea of it by illustration.

Theosophy : Man Visible and Invisible by C.W. Leadbeater

The yellow of intellect, however, has entirely vanished for the time – which I suppose would be considered by the cynical as characteristic of the condition! Deceit, selfishness and greed are conspicuous here, as might be expected, and fierce anger is also implied by the smears and blots of dull scarlet.

In its earlier development a bright apple-green seems always to accompany strong vitality. A huge cone of bright orange rising in the midst of it indicates annd presence of much pride and ambition in connection with that knowledge, but still the shade of the yellow precludes the idea that the intellect is debased to merely selfish ends.

Under those circumstances another and stronger will may seize that which he has allowed to be wrested from him. A man who is properly trained in clairvoyance is of course taught how to use the power of sight on all the sub-planes, either separately or simultaneously as he wishes.

Once more the stanza says it for us: The death of the animal will be typified by pouring back the water from the glass into the bucket, when the coloring matter will at once spread through the whole of the water, tinting it faintly.

It will be realized that an almost infinite variety is possible in their combination. But in order to do either of these things, he must first learn how they are done; that is to say, he must learn to focus his consciousness in his astral body or in his mental body, just as it is now focussed in the physical brain. We touch some substance and feel that it is too hot, and we snatch away our hand from it instantaneously as we think. The whole, or almost the whole, of the matter in an astral body may be temporarily forced by a sudden rush of passion to vibrate at a certain rate; but all of it except that to which the vibration is natural will fall back into its ordinary rate when the force is removed.

For as an aspect of the divine He existed before the solar system, but His manifestation in the matter of the sixth plane took place during the life of that system. The very small proportion of yellow tells us that he has very little intelligence to direct his devotion into reasonable channels, or to save him from degenerating into senseless bigotry.


The evil meets him again and again on his successive descents into incarnation, until he has vanquished it, and finally rooted out from his vehicles all tendency to respond to it-until, in fact, he is no longer liable to be swept away by any passion or desire, but has learnt to rule himself from within.

A chapter upon the desire-elemental will be found in The Other Side of Death. The outrush of the Divine influence which we saw in Plate XXI is enormously intensified here, for this man has become an almost perfect channel for the life and the power of the Logos. But the difference between the one who has been definitely awakened and the one who has not, is that in the case of the former the curtain of mist has been for ever dissipated, while in the latter it merely opens for the time and then shuts down as impenetrably as before.

In Plate XIX we see that the principal features are devotion of a sort and sensuality, and a very small modicum of intellect is shown; in Plate XX we have no devotion at all, and far less than the average amount of sensuality, but the intellect is developed to a very abnormal degree. When the man manifests that irritability by some special outburst of temper the whole astral vehicle is temporarily suffused with scarlet.

Livid grey, a most hideous and frightful hue, betokens fear. The picture represents the scene as nearly as it can be represented on a flat surface by means of perspective, but in reality almost every line and angle in it must of necessity be unlike the line or angle which it is intended to image.

Plate IV – Involution and Evolution. Trivia About Man, Visible and That at least is the normal condition of these lines when the body is in perfect health; they are separate, orderly, and as nearly parallel as their radiation allows.

Man Visible and Invisible

The soul of man has not one body, but many bodies, for when sufficiently evolved he is able to express himself on ail these different levels of nature, and he is therefore provided with a suitable vehicle of the matter belonging to each, and it is through these various vehicles that he is able to receive impressions from the world to which they correspond.

The good action or thought produces its results upon these lower planes too, but in addition to that it has the immensely higher and permanent effect upon the causal body which is so prominent a factor in the evolution of man. This very upward rushing of spiritual aspiration, which makes so glorious a crown for our developed man, is itself the channel through which the divine power descends; so that the fuller and stronger his aspirations become, the larger is the measure of the grace from on high.

Yet there are only too many who yield themselves to these feelings, and allow the fog of despair to close round them until all the world looks black; not realizing that in doing so they are not only seriously delaying their own evolution and losing manifold opportunities, but are also causing unnecessary suffering and injury to all those near to them.